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28 februari 2022 New webinar series “Contagion”: The Idea of contagion and the Black Death

10 februari 2022, door webredactie NVMG

New webinar series University of Groningen: “Contagion”


A new series of History of Medicine and Health seminars entitled “Contagion” is offered this spring by the Groningen Centre for Health and Humanities and the Centre for Historical Studies. HHH members Hilde Bras, Yuliya Hilevych, James Kennaway, Rina Knoeff and Catrien Santing are the organisers.


28 February
Samuel Cohn (University of Glasgow)
The Idea of contagion and the Black Death


28 March
Dora Vargha (University of Exeter / Humboldt University): Vertical or horizontal? Socialist health, priorities and epidemic managementometric history from a life course perspective


25 April
Floor Haalboom (Erasmus University)
Animal contagion and the ‘downside of progress’


23 May
Clark Lawlor (Northumbria University)
Ideas of contagion and consumption: From fashionable disease to ‘plague-stricken’ tuberculosis


All seminars are from 4-5 pm CET. Online sessions are hosted on ZOOM. Please send an e-mail to James Kennaway ([email protected]) to receive the link.